Saturday, April 28, 2012

Take 2....

I must be the world's worst blogger! haha Amazingly enough, I never feel as if I have anything to say--you would understand how hysterical that comment is if you've ever tried to get me to stop talking. One would imagine that between my natural tendency to logorrhea (look it up) and English Education degree my life would provide me with an overabundance of material to share with the world.  But, for some strange reason, when it comes down to writing something and posting, my mind blanks.

Ironically, the only other situation where I am consistently speechless is if I'm interested in a guy.  I am a well-educated, intelligent, loquacious woman until "he" walks through the door; suddenly, I'm Baby in Dirty Dancing: "I carried a watermelon..." Well, that was impressive! I'm just gonna go bang my head on that wall for a while.

Of course my lovely big sister Lora over at My Blessed Life has proven herself to be such a wonderful blogger that I wish I could keep up. haha  And even though that does not seem to be in the cards for me, I would like to maintain some sort of connection to the great blogosphere.

Thus, I will post when I post and cease feeling guilty about it as of today....

(I'll let you know how that goes.....) =)

For now, I'm going to leave you with another poem.

All Hope

The black fog is
Rolling in again--
Blotting out the
Sun and--with it--
All hope.

These days are like
Endless funerals--
All of my own
Dreams, plans, hopes--
All die.

Nothing can stand
In the onrushing
Sweep of this
Relentless sadness;
All pales.

Your face alone
Pierces through the flood
Of pain and doubt,
Bringing with it, light--
All light.

Help me through the
Suffocating clouds
To Your side, Your
Faithful love, and
All hope.

K. Yerton (2011)