Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Friendship (Through the eyes of a kid)

I am one of a group of teachers who rotate weeks in the middle school Sunday School class at our church.  If you haven't noticed, 5-8th grad is my favorite age group! =) They're old enough to have intelligent, rational conversations, but young enough to still intimidate with my "superior" wisdom. LOL

Actually, I just love watching as their worldviews and ideas begin forming.  If you want to see why an adult is the way he/she is, look back to these ages.  Things that happen during those years will shape their whole lives.

Our curriculum focuses on character traits and lessons each month.  For November, we are learning about Wisdom: where to gain it, how to use it, etc.

This past Sunday, the lesson was "To be wise, hang out with wise people."  I split the girls and boys up to do an activity where they wrote down characteristics of the ultimate best friend on sticky notes.  Each group had a poster on the wall with a stick figure that they then attached the note to the corresponding body part. (For example, "Speak kindly" would go near the mouth.)

They had a great time, and I didn't really pay much attention to what exactly they were writing down, other than to give some hints and advice occasionally.  So, yesterday, when I was doing some cleaning up at the church, I took all of their notes down and read them.  Much hilarity ensued! LOL I had to take them with me to share with the family, and now, I share them with you.



Describe the ultimate best friend:

Answers from 4-6 grade students (with some observations and initial thoughts from yours truly)

(I have left them exactly as they were written, odd capitalization and misspellings, and all.)


  • wear appropiate things
  • listen to me.
  • Talk nicely to people.
  • Tell people about the love of Jesus (I guess they thought I would be grading them.)
  • never tell my secrets.
  • Help others in need
  • See the good in everything
  • Not be a sore loser. 
  • Kind heart
  • Would not gossip and make me look bad (I'm assuming there's a story there.)
  • Doesn’t make fun of my make makeup (Makeup? You're like 10!)
  • touch a bug and not be grossed out. (Umm...This is on the girls' list?)
  • Give nicely
  • love sleepovers and not be afraid of the dark (Another story, I guess.)
  • Helps you feel better when your sad
  • Say people smell good Not Bad (Lord, I hope there's a story behind that! LOL)
  • Respect other peoples things.
  • hang with everyone even when they are mean
  • Don’t sit around and play Halo (Apparently, someone has brothers.)
  • responsibility
  • Be wise and smart
  • keep in mind everone has Feelings (Was the emphasis intentional there?)
  • Have patience
  • Wants to be your friend no matter what
  • not let their dog poop in my yard (Well, that story I know.  LOL Gotta love "that" neighbor.)
  • Invite people to come to church. (Again with the grading...)
  • not lead me in the wrong direction.
  • not be in a hurry to leave. (Leave you? Church? Life in general?)
  • Would come to church.
  • Would not make fun of people’s clothes
  • Under stand me and laugh at me jokes (We suddenly became Irish.)

Boys (Hold on to your seats, folks.)

  • go through the right path (Through the path? Is there a gate?)
  • Love others even your enemies
  • Help others no matter who it is.
  • do not sneak out (Sneaking out? Who sneaks out at the age of 10? Seriously? Is this a big problem?)
  • Give to the needy
  • use words insted of fist (This sounds like a teacher quote.)
  • Play Good Video games (Play the games well or play good games? This could go several ways.)
  • do not hit (I guess it's a recurring problem for him.)
  • Have good intintians 
  • give people a 2 chance (Is this like a second chance?)
  • wach your words 
  • wach your toung 
  • listens to other
  • wach what you hear (Not sure how to do this anyway.
  • See the good in others.
  • wach what people you hang out 
  • do not think about bad stuff
  • thing mo npgativp thouts (I swear that's what it said.)
  • watch apopiate things –not freaky—I know **** ("Name removed to protect the innocent.")
  • wach what you wach 
  • En corugases others. (wait...what?)
  • Has a good mind
  • think befor you Speak 
  • listen and obay

Ok, I'm crying again! LOL